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The Protexus PX50ES 3-in-1 Adjustable Spray Nozzle is designed for use with the Protexus PX200ES and Protexus PX300ES Electrostatic Sprayers, and it allows you to easily adjust and control the disinfectant spray particle size for your cleaning project (60/80/110-microns).

The 60-micron setting is appropriate for regularly cleaning small-sized / confined spaces, such as offices, airplane cabins, etc.  The 80-micron setting can be used for regular cleaning of medium to large-sized / spaces, such as gymnasiums, cafeterias and auditoriums. Finally, the 110-micron setting would be used for oversized / unconfined spaces, such as and sports stadiums and the like.

Because these micron sizes do not qualify as fine particles under EPA guidelines, users are not required to wear respiratory PPE during operation.



Manufactured by EvaClean

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